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Pediatric Hospital in Meerut

On Shree Ram Hospital, Meerut, our pediatric wing is a healing harbor designed to cocoon even the smallest souls in wondrous wellness. Our department globally renowned pediatricians are acclaimed for conjuring miracles in a range of situations, from routine check-ups and acute illnesses to chronic diseases and urgent situation trauma interventions – and are regarded as one of the head panels of child physicians in The National Capital Region. Our comprehensive pediatric programmed is tailored to follow a child’s journey from infancy to adulthood. Our department 24×7 pediatric urgent situations care facility, anytime ambulance service and around-the-clock physicians ensure that your child is in trusted, healing hands, at all time. Now Questions often come up like whether hydrocephalus in an infant is better organized by a Neuro Surgeon or a Paediatric Surgeon or in case of a hypospadias who should serve - a Paediatric Surgeon or a Plastic Surgeon or a Urologist.

shree ram hospital

Shri Ram Hospital- Pediatric Hospital in Meerut

Such entities should be organized by any specialist who is competent irrespective of the label, but the fact remains that the most necessary attribute of a Paediatric Surgeon is a perfect comprehension of the child and not the surgical skill only.

What is Paediatric Surgery?

Pediatrics Surgery covers all the stomach a medical procedure (G.I. Medical procedure and Genito Urinary Surgery), general methods and a wide scope of innate contortions and distortions.

Shree Ram Hospital provides best doctors strive to combine the highest standards of medical excellence and the best of service to provide best health care to their patients. Their goal is to offer surgery with greatest observation and minimally invasive options whenever possible.

India has several medical tourism destinations due to high quality medical treatment, low cost and best experience. The province has some of the leading surgeons and physicians who are expert in providing safe and curable treatments. Best pediatric hospital in Meerut, the field of Pediatric Surgery fluctuates here and there.

The Department of Paediatric Services has a Pediatrician Hospital to deal with Pediatrician treatment and behavioral problems alongside a dedicated nutritionist to advise on the nutritional needs of children and of parents. Through full child specialist is highly trained doctor who treats all minor to chronic good physical condition such as Bronchial Asthma, Allergic Disorders, Short Stature, Obesity and Nutritional Disorders, Vaccination, Skin Allergy – Eczema, Childhood and Infancy Diseases, Cases of Anemia e.g. Tallahassee and sickle cell anemia, Flu, Acute Tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, etc. Here, at Shree Ram Hospital you can easily search best pediatrician, book appointment and consult with top child specialist.

Who We Are & What We Do?

Making one of the best paediatric services in Meerut. Shree Ram Hospital the best pediatric hospital in Meerut, who has been practising for many years. Offering an exemplary care and medical help to infants, children and adolescents, this renowned treatment practitioner has earned a wide recognition over the years. This pediatric medical specialist has turned out to be the first choice for paediatric care for the residents in the locality.

Shree Ram Hospital provide best service offerings ranges from contraceptive counselling to general gynecology for women at different stages of life, minimally invasive gynecological surgery, urogynaecology, adolescent gynecology and fertility services.

Department of Pediatric Surgeons specialize in the surgical treatments of children. They are trained & knowledgeable in surgical care of babies & children. Now are we look forward to build expertise in pediatric care, while learning the techniques of medical & surgical care of children from advanced training and acquaintance with in practice.