Panchakarma is the maximum well-known cleansing procedure of Ayurveda, restoring children with the assist of medicated oils. This unique remedy of medicated oil rub down and natural treatments turned into prescribed in historic Vedic scripture, and has been practiced in Kerala for plenty centuries, according with the incredible works of the ‘Charaka Samhita’.

Shri Ram Hospital Panchkarma Research Center

The Department of Panchkarma at Shree Ram Hospital is well-geared up with all crucial infrastructural centers and cushty separate rooms for guys and women. The department specializes in presenting healing remedy to the sufferers and restoring the body's herbal restoration mechanism.

Panchakarma is a fixed of 5 remedies - such as Vamana, Virechana Virechana, Basti, Nasya and Raktamokshana. The remedies blanketed in Panchkarma allows in accomplishing a stability among the 3 vitals- body, thoughts and consciousness. The In addition, this remedy is immensely a hit in extensively utilized for treating pores and skin problems, diabetes, asthma, persistent sinus, epilepsy, lung infections, coronary heart disease, and digestive disorders.

The Panchkarma crew works in near coordination with the sufferers to pick out the foundation purpose in their circumstance and treatment them accordingly. Besides, the distinctly skilled medical doctors additionally make sure the sufferers acquire the first-class remedy via way of means of adapting the up to date medicinal practices and invention in Panchkarma.