Nephrology Department

The department of nephrology provides medical care to the patients who suffer from the disorders of kidney. It includes patient on chronic dialysis therapy or those who suffer from acute kidney failure.

Shree Ram Hospital Nephrology Department

The branch of nephrology presents hospital treatment to the sufferers who be afflicted by the problems of kidney. It consists of affected person on continual dialysis remedy or folks who be afflicted by acute kidney failure. In addition, we offer renal alternative to the severely ill sufferers withinside the clinical and surgical ICU’s. We have an 20-bedded inpatient nephrology ward with committed nephrology nurses. Our outpatient dialysis unit is nicely ready with nation of the artwork dialysis machines and reverses osmosis water purification system. The school is able to appearing all nephrology approaches inclusive of local and transplant kidney biopsies, transient and everlasting dialysis catheter and peritoneal dialysis catheters. The branch runs a hectic nephrology and transplant health center for nephrology care. In addition, we've a committed Liver-Kidney health center, possibly the best one in all for sufferers with mixed liver and kidney diseases.