shree ram hospital

Eye Hospital near Meerut

Community for Sight hangs out in giving master eye care to each patient through coordinated clinical practices. Our Eye emergency clinic close to Meerut. This medical clinic prestigious for some claims to fame. We are furnished with innovatively progressed eye care offices. Our team also has an excellent and well-known team of eye specialists who offer exceptional services to the patients.

shree ram hospital

Shri Ram Hospital- Eye Hospital in Meerut

Shree Ram Hospital is a group of eye hospitals with a country-wide presence. We offer multiple eye care specialties to our patients. Our eye hospital in Meerut, Shree Ram Hospital is committed to maintaining the highest level of medical and surgical care while treating patients. Our expert group of ophthalmologists provides the right kind of treatment that your eyes deserve. Our team of eye treatment always has a sophisticated Out Patient Setup to do regular ophthalmic check-ups and dispense glasses through a state of the art optical outlet.

Modern contact lens clinic capable of dispensing all types of contact lenses for all regular cases and some complicated cases like advanced keratoconus. Our team of eye treatment is with at par of the best eye hospitals in Meerut. The department of ophthalmology at Shree Ram Hospital health increasing advances in the field of healthcare provides high end services in term of all the specialties as far as the holistic health care is concerned. Eyes as we know form an important part of our body and this is one organ which helps us see through all the colors of life.

Shree Ram Hospital has successfully eye treated over patients till date and are pioneers of the latest technology of Phacoemulsification and implantation of multifocal.

Specialized treatments at the institute include advanced eye therapy for treatment of complicated retinal and vitreous disorders, Glaucoma Surgery, Advance Corneal Microsurgery, Squint, Oculoplastic Surgery that includes treatment for different types of eye tumors and cosmetic eye surgery. It has state of the art facility for exhibition by one of the fastest available machines in the world.

Immediately adjacent to Shree Ram Hospital began in by providing free, quality eye care to the underserved community, people who otherwise could not seek, receive or afford treatment.

Basically patients commonly addressed are refractive issues (glasses, lenses), cataracts, diabetic eye disease, and infections. Anyone with an eye problem can come to the Center to be seen and receive treatment. SRH Wolf from the United Kingdom heads the hospital and clinics with the support of aghor foundation.

Best Eye Treatment near Meerut

Shree Ram Hospital maintains the quality of ophthalmic services in accordance with standards. Our organization of eye treatment uses Optimum utilization of infrastructural facilities including manpower, we ensure continued patient satisfaction through delivery of high class Medicare with a personal touch.

We are Shree ram Hospital, one of the best Eye Hospital Near Meerut, India. With a legacy of stellar eye care services, SRH Eye Hospital has treated over many patients. Our technology surpasses all standards of normalcy, making us the pioneer in the domain of eye care. SRH provide best treatment of helped people of all age groups through their journey from darkness to light. The support and technology we've provided through the years, has always been at an affordable cost for our patients. Our Mission and vision are simple; to make quality and highly affordable eye care easily available to every citizen of India; from any segment of the society - rural or urban.